Meet the team

  • Joshua Allen

    Joshua Allen, the founder and Director of JT Allen Real Estate, is passionate about his profession and has his finger on the pulse when it comes to adopting an outlook that accommodates a fluctuating market. With... Read more »

  • Sarah Bester

    With over 25 years in the industry, Sarah Bester is an integral part of JT Allen Real Estate as General Manager. Sarah's strengths lie in her ability to turn compliance into procedures to help businesses... Read more »

  • Ryan Rubinstein

    Ryan Rubinstein is a driven, passionate and determined young agent with an unrivalled focus on refining the level of service and outcomes provided to those looking for their next dream home, and property... Read more »

  • Ainslee Cardillo

    Ainslee brings a renewed level of energy, knowledge and passion for property in her role as a Sales Associate at JT Allen. With a strong background in administration and a focus on excellent customer... Read more »

  • Nicole Sirtes

    Starting as a trainee in her family’s real estate business at just 15, Nicole has been a property manager for over 30 years. Eastern Suburbs real estate has become her speciality, profession and passion.  Her... Read more »

  • Suzie Hamilton-Flanagan

    With over 2 decades of experience in property management, Suzie brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to our team. Suzie’s executive but contemporary management style is based on her philosophy that... Read more »

  • Acalya "Chillie" Cingoz

    Chillie is a dedicated real estate professional with an unwavering determination to provide impeccable customer service. With a strong passion for building relationships and a track record of success.... Read more »

  • Aiman Konsowa

    As a leasing consultant, Aiman is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support to our clientele, guiding them through every step of the leasing process with expertise and care. Specializing... Read more »

  • Diana Sentas

    A vital part of the JT Allen family, Diana has worked in Real Estate for over 20 years and has unparalleled knowledge of the industry and trust accounting. Her passion for professional and accurate... Read more »

  • Isabel Yousiph

    Isabel is an experienced Sales and Marketing Coordinator renowned for her ability to streamline operations and support our sales teams in achieving their goals. She plays a pivotal role in optimizing... Read more »

  • Amber Varacalli Young

    ... Read more »

  • Sinead Keating

    ... Read more »