Proud to have two of our staff featured in the Daily Telegraph today as Sydney’s Rising Real Estate Stars!

Sydney’s real estate rising stars: The best agents under the age of 35

From Bondi to Double Bay, these are the young and up-and-coming superstars of Sydney’s competitive real estate world, already making an outsized mark.

They are young, ambitious and have wasted no time making their mark in Sydney’s competitive real estate market.

Some of these top young players in the industry made more than $5 million in annual gross commission in 2022.

While some have only a few years of experience under their belts, they are already making their mark in the competitive world — with one young gun having already sold $50m worth of stock by the age of 19.

Get ready to meet the rising stars, aged 35 and under, reaching new heights in the high-stakes eastern suburbs property market.

Ryan Rubinstein.

Ryan Rubinstein has worked as a real estate agent in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for almost four years.

By the age of 19 he had sold more than $50m worth of stock and in a short span of time became the JT Allen’s youngest agent to become its highest billing associate.

At the age of 16 Mr Rubinstein began working after school in real estate offices to learn the trade and make connections in the industry. After completing his HSC, he launched his career and quickly gained his impressive reputation.

He said counterintuitively his youth had benefited him as property sales had become more digitally focused.

“Coming into the industry where things are evolving from print-based media to digital, I think I’ve got an upper hand in regards to how I attract that property to the right clientele in a unique way, that’s going to maximise the exposure and the result,” Mr Rubinstein said.

“For them to trust me [at 17 years old] is a representation to the value I have as well as my dedication,”

Isabella Battell.

Isabella Battell is a property manager at JT Allen and joined the industry two years ago after a short stint in tourism.

She said watching her father’s real estate career growing up had helped her see how she could thrive in the industry.

Ms Battell pointed to the more than 200 properties she had leased in a single month as a peak career achievement. She said honesty, loyalty, dedication and attention to detail were traits that had seen her thrive in the high pressure industry.

Read the full article by Daily Telegraph’s Bianca Healey here.

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