5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

For most of us, selling a home will be one of the largest business transaction we make in our lifetimes. Partnering with the right real estate agent can make this transaction more profitable and also a smoother, less stressful experience.

Too many vendors, however, fail to make an effort to find the best possible agent in their area, someone they can trust, who will price the property accurately, who will market the property effectively, who has fantastic negotiation and communication skills and who will achieve the best possible price in the current market. A truly professional real estate agent will partner with you at every step of the selling process to achieve the best possible results with the least stress.


Here are five mistakes people commonly make when choosing a real estate agent to sell their home:

  1. They choose an out-of-area agent

Even if a friend or relative recommends an agent from outside your local area, it may not be the best person for you to engage. He or she will not know the nuances of your local market and may not price your property accurately. It may also be difficult for him or her to conduct inspections with interested buyers outside of the weekly open inspection time – which could lose you a buyer.

Additionally, a local agent is likely to have a list of interested buyers specifically looking in your suburb and your home could fit the bill for one of these buyers, allowing a quick sale. A quick sale is a stress free sale, less time to have your house spotless for openings and removing the stressful uncertainty of the result of the sale being a factor in financing your next property.

  1. They choose an agent new to the game

In the real estate business, experience counts. You need someone on your side who knows your local market intimately and has the confidence and skills to negotiate on your behalf. An experienced agent will also know if the market is right to sell your home via private treaty or at auction.

  1. They don’t check the agent’s past results

Phenomenal past sales results and testimonials from happy vendors tell you have found a great real estate agent. Poor past sales results and a lack of testimonials tells you to keep looking!

  1. They don’t trust their gut feelings

If you feel at all unsure that an agent is not right for you or your property sale, once again keep looking until you find a consummate professional you have complete faith in.

  1. They choose an agent whose marketing knowledge is not up to speed

How your home is marketed and advertised is vital to the success of your sales campaign. Does your potential agent engage a professional photographer and professional copywriter for your listing? On which sites will your home be listed? Will there be social media marketing included? Will a floor plan be included in your listing? Will a brochure be sent out to interested buyers who click on your listing? Will signage be provided to be placed outside the property?


Make sure any potential agent you speak with has the full gamut of marketing and advertising skills in hand before you sign a contract with him or her.

Taking the time to find the right agent you can trust to do the very best for you at every step of the sales process can be time-consuming but will pay off in spades by close of sale. Call us on 02 9362 8507 for a free appraisal today and find out what a true professional team with your interests at heart can achieve for you!


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