JT Allen sells off-market home in Darling Point for $7.8m

JT Allen continues to add runs to the board in what is traditionally a more challenging month – April, when people hold property decisions due to consecutive public holidays.

“People are of the perception that you just ride April out and ‘get through’ the month when people traditionally focus their attention to Easter and then holidays, but we’re full steam ahead!”

Our on-market sales and record achievements are widely publicised through our own channels and third-party websites but some of JT Allen’s stand-out sales are coming in the form of off-market properties – not even having the chance to hit the general market before a sale is negotiated.

“This property in Etham Avenue, Darling Point is a very special home and as soon as we did the first appraisal, we had someone in mind that was looking for a property of this calibre. This swift result is something that we specialise in – we stay in contact with people that we know are in the market and as soon as something like this is brought to us, we can achieve records in both price and time on market – a win for both the vendor and the buyer.”

“Off-market is often a preference for some vendors motivated by privacy, ease of the process, targeted opening of their home and the ability to create exclusivity around the sale.”

If you would like to discuss an on or off-market sale with us, please contact Joshua Allen on 0404 184 158 on for a complimentary property appraisal.

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