JT Allen welcomes Ryan Rubinstein to the fold

We are extremely pleased to announce that JT Allen Real Estate has welcomed Ryan Rubinstein to our sales team and are thrilled to be supporting Ryan’s early career in the property industry.

“Growing our team is a big focus for us in 2022, but we are looking for something very specific in the people we welcome aboard,” said JT Allen Founder & Director, Josh Allen.

“Ryan has exactly what we look for in an agent – he is energetic, enthusiastic, hard-working and understands that the results come when you apply yourself to your craft,” continued Josh.

A testament to Ryan’s desire to establish a successful career in real estate, he proactively pursued his passion for the industry by securing a part-time job at another prominent estate agency at the age of 16, whilst completing his HSC.

“Not many people can say they have already been in the industry for a few years before they have even hit 20 – this is the hunger and drive we are looking for and what is going to achieve results for our business and our clients,” Josh said.

JT Allen’s philosophy has always been that property is about people – the people who are our clients, the people we lease and sell to and our team – the people that represent and underpin our business.

When asked what the motivator was when applying for a position with JT Allen, Ryan said, “Josh is a true leader – he has built his business on a culture of success, but also support. As a sales agent, I am determined to make my mark and it is great to be part of a team that have that vision for me too.”  

“Already I have played a role in a number of significant sales for the business and I look forward to a very successful career with JT Allen,” concluded Ryan.

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